Right or Left Hand Retrieve?

Right or Left Hand Retrieve? Which is Best?

My oldest daughter plays softball. Really well. She is right handed but can bat either right handed or left handed. Me, I can’t do either. I tried to hit off her teams pitcher a few years ago. I don’t even think I got a foul ball. What hand should you cast with? Which one for reeling in line? These are…

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Fly line

Identifying 4 Parts of a Fly Line

The parts of a fly line entail more than just the line itself. Fly lines are made quite differently than say line for a spinning rig. A fly line needs to have weight and size for casting all different sized flies. There is a system of varying lines making up all the line on your reel. Hopefully this list will give you…

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why you should cast downstream

Why Casting Downstream is Important

“You need to be casting downstream”. As guides we say it all day long. This is very important when fly fishing from a drift boat. Why do we say it? Because casting downstream sets the stage for everything that comes next. Casting downstream has many benefits Downstream? Which way is that? Picture your drift boat as a clock. The bow…

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How to read fly rod sizes

Fly Rod Sizes – And How to Understand Them

Buying or renting fly fishing rods can be intimidating if you are inexperienced. Even if you are seasoned, the fly rods get updated every year. Unfortunately many fly shops can have the holier-than-thou attitude. Buying online can be hard because you just aren’t sure what you need. There are many fly rod sizes to choose from. How do you pick? Here are some basic…

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Fishing with Geno

Fishing With Geno [VIDEO]

Thanks Jason Epstein for this fun video of you and Gene fishing with Randy a few years ago.

monster brown trout

Fly Fishing Trip Giveaway 2015

Beginning January 21, 2015 and ending May 1, 2015 take the opportunity to enter the drawing for a 3 Night 2 Day stay for two people. Second place gets a $100 gift certificate to our online store. Third place gets a $50 gift certificate to our online store. Trip includes 2 days / 3 nights vacation at Teton Valley Lodge with…

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airplane lands on south fork snake river

That time an airplane landed on the South Fork of the Snake River [VIDEO]

There is that unmistakable sound of an airplane. We all learned to recognize that sound when we were just little kids. It fascinated us. But you just don’t expect to hear that sound echoing off the canyon walls of the South Fork of the Snake River. And then you haven’t even imagined seeing that airplane land on the South Fork…

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better nymph fishing

8 TOTALLY SERIOUS Steps To Better Nymph Fishing [VIDEO]

Thanks for sharing this gem, Tom Fenger and John Short.  So funny. It’s good to laugh at yourself every once in awhile.

Cabin Bedroom

Cabin Fever, Do You Have It? Give In. You Deserve It.

Is cabin fever setting in? Isn’t it about time you got out of the office for some R&R?  Let’s face it, everyone needs a break now and then. When was your last reboot? Let cabin fever get the best of you.  Idaho will give it’s best right back. Head to Idaho and claim your cabin here on the banks of…

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