Fly Fishing Trip Giveaway

Fly Fishing Trip Giveaway

Fly Fishing Trip Giveaway

Fly fishing trip includes a 3 night and 2 day vacation at Teton Valley Lodge with accommodations, fly fishing guide service, tackle and meals for two people. Fly fishing trip must be used by September 30 2013.

Enter the fly fishing giveaway below.  We accept multiple entries.  You could win the free fly fishing trip.  Winner will be announced May 1 2013.  Good Luck!

The only entry below that is required is your email address.  All the others are for bonus entries.

Click here to enter the giveaway.


  1. Thank you for your e-mail. I’m very interested, but we are retired and the economy has taken the “lure” out of our travel. Not this year. Please keep us informed and we look forward to memorable stay with you.
    We are near the bottom of our bucket list.

  2. Greetings all.
    Thanks for sending the contest info and I would love to sign up, if I could get it to work. When referred to the sign-up page, there is no hot button to click.
    Look forward to seeing you all at the Blue Ridge meeting, this year.

  3. I would like to have signed up for your contest, but I am not on facebook and don’t want to be on face book. I guess that is the only way that you can sign up for the contest… Ann

    • Hi Keith,

      I love browns, bows, and even whitefish. With no offense meant, I think the Cutthroats are Idaho’s real gem. Sure hope you catch a bunch when you come out this way!


      • Browns, rainbows, cutthroats, brook or golden … it doesn’t matter … fly fishing back in the West, especially at your lodge would be TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Win or not, one day my wife and I WILL make the trip there to use your services! Thank you for the contest and the opportunity of a chance to win this trip!!!!

      • Looking forward to it Will … my brother lives just outside Boise but I don’t think he or his wife take advantage of the wonderful resource that Idaho has to offer. Born in Wyoming, I miss the mountains, the rivers, the pines and the openness. Back soon!

  4. It looks like a great experience. Chemo should be over by then and losing yourself in that perfect moment with a fish on is magic.

  5. Ive been an avid fly fisherman for over 45yrs.My father taught me when I was 5yrs old.Over the past 30yrs water levels & stream condictions have went down hill in my state(WV).Hatcherys have closed & stockings are few & far between.As a result of this,my father has pretty much givin up on trout fishing due to this & his aging.Please helpme get him on the water one last time before its too late.

  6. I have never fly-fished before and I would like the opportunity to spend sometime with my oldest son to reconnect after spending several years away in the Army and as a civilian contractor.

  7. Ever since seeing the movie ‘A River Runs Through It’ I have wanted to learn to fly fish. It looks so serene, quiet and so relaxing … I could really use those 3 adjectives in a big way! I absolutely love Idaho and had a wonderful opportunity to live in Sun Valley for several yrs. I would be thrilled to win!!! Thank you for the contest!

  8. Oh, this would be such a wonderful trip to win! Ever since seeing the movie ‘A River Runs Through It’ (that was some time ago!) I have wanted to learn to flyfish. I love fishing anyway so it’s time to mix it up!! I would bring my teenage daughter … soon she’ll be leaving for college…what a wonderful trip to enjoy together. Like me, she loves fishing too. I lived in Sun Valley for several years and miss it so much….I would be THRILLED to win this trip!! Thank you for the chance.

  9. What a great opportunity! Wow! Pick me! Pick me! Screw fishing, Let’s go Catching!!
    I’ll be in Bozeman Aug. and Sept..

  10. Having purchased ;land in nearby Swan Valley I would love to fish with Teton Valley
    to learn my home waters so to speak…

  11. For those of you who have not had a chance to fish with TVL have missed a great time. Matt and Brian are the greatest! Dean

    • I agree with Dean! You have no clue what you’re missing until you experience TVL. The people, food, and entire experience is amazing along with some of the best fishing and views in the world!

  12. Did I just enter to win? I’m a little confused, but man oh man, would I LOVE to win this!!! You guys are the best.

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