• How about wetting your line in an ancient volcano that just so happens to be old Yellowstone?

    At six thousand feet above sea-level, the Henry’s Fork flows out of a spring created by volcanic activity more than a millennia ago. The South Fork of the Snake is insanely gorgeous with enough trout to fill any fly fisherman’s net.

  • The Teton has so many different types of water.

    If you wanted you could only fish the Teton on your stay with us. You wouldn’t see the same kind of water each day, whether it was the flat spring creek water right in our backyard, or the winding stretches below the lodge or the deep canyon of the narrows.

Fishing Idaho offers you some of the best blue ribbon fly fishing rivers in the world.

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  • The combination of gorgeous scenery, your excellent staff’s efforts to please, and great fishing make it tough to imagine a more memorable and enjoyable experience.
    Tim Buckley

You could fish a lifetime and never learn everything about these diverse rivers.


Frequently Asked Questions

idaho fly fishing riversA few FAQ's about our rivers.

Where are the rivers?

All the rivers are in southeast Idaho.

Are there bathrooms?

Most of the boat ramps have a bathroom. After that you are on your own.

Are there drinks on the boat?

We stock each cooler with beer, soda and water.

Are you a licensed outfitter in Idaho?

Yes, we have been guiding Idaho river trips for nearly 100 years and are licensed by the State of Idaho.

Will we fish the same water each day?

We are blessed to have over 100 miles of river. You will fish different water.

Are we with the same guide?

We feel it is important to fish with a different guide every day.

What size rod should I bring?

We suggest you bring a 6 weight rod.

fly fishing river

  • Outstanding day I was put on dozens of fish! The South Fork truly is one of the best fly fishing waters one could experience. You and your team have out done yourselves again.
    Rex Baldwin

Centrally located amidst three rivers within easy reach.

Catch what you've been missing.

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