5 Reasons Whitefish Suck

Let’s be honest. The only reason you would want to catch whitefish is if you couldn’t catch trout. I suppose if you lived somewhere where there were no trout and only whitefish, then catching them would make sense. It is kind of like taking the ugly girl to prom. You don’t want to do it, but maybe you will have a chance to dance with a hot girl once you get there.
  1. The battle between whitefish and angler is like Bully Beatdown on MTV, a bit one sided.
  2. Look for a new wardrobe because they will crap all over you. Not sure if it is a self defense mechanism that causes it or they are just afraid you will throw them onto the bank.
  3. The dirty buggers stink. You would think that living in water they might be able to wash that nasty smell off.
  4. Whitefish are not really disturbed by your presence. You can float over schools of whitefish and they don’t seem to care. Trout head for the hills when spooked.
  5. If you were fishing for food, you would throw the whitefish back and keep the trout. Great Lakes Whitefish are supposed to taste good smoked, however that is a different animal.

So get out there and catch some trout. If you are catching whitefish, there is a very good chance the trout are there too. Look for another article coming soon to help you find the trout and skip the whitefish. Those trout are there and you can catch them. Your hard work and determination will pay off.