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Big Fish and Big Flies 2009


2009 was a great year for big fish. From early on the Henry’s Fork throughout the month of November, Teton Valley Lodge guests landed some great fish. This slide show displays some of the big ones land this past season.

Each year we are proud to hold 4 big fish contests. These are not truly competitions but rather gives every guest at the lodge the sporting chance for bragging rights as well as a prize of a free trip in the following season. That’s right, we give away free trips! For each winner a free trip of three days is given for the upcoming season. I don’t know if the trip or the bragging rights drives more people to win, but we have several guests with their eye on the prize each year.

The season starts out with the May June contest. We are mostly fishing the Henry’s Fork this time of year.  Big fish like big flies and often the big fish take a  salmon fly from somewhere on the Fork. The next contest is the Upper Teton Contest. This contest consists of only the Teton River that we access from the Lodge with out Teton Boats. This contest runs the entire season. We never know who has won this one until the last day of the year. Every day on this stream could end with a big fish. We then move into the September October contest. This is usually won with a streamer either on the South Fork or the Henry’s Fork. And then the big daddy is the Season Big Fish Contest. The biggest fish of the entire season is the biggest prize.

This is where the true bragging rights come into play. This season it was won by Ed Isbey Jr. His 29″ 9.5 lbs cuttbow was caught on the Upper South Fork in mid July. Congratulations to Ed and all the other winners of 2009. We can’t wait for next year when we can hunt for those big fish with you all again.

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