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Big Fish Board 2016

In the early days of the lodge, the big fish was celebrated with “The Board”. The board was just an old board that hung on the wall. When a fisherman landed a fish over 20 inches they were proud to write their name on “The Board”. As guests would arrive at the Lodge the first place they would go to was that board.

Everyone wanted to see who had caught the biggest fish for the season. They really wanted to see how big of a fish was needed to become the leader on “The Board”.

2016 Big Fish Board

Al Baldwin 25×13 Patrick Hogan
Robert Greer 24×13 Jonathan Murray
Norbert Schneider 23.5×10 Brian Berry
Sandy Stern 23×13 Tom Fenger
John Gilchrist 23×13 Tom Cleary
Brad Black 22.5×15.5 Tom Cleary
LC Tubb 22.5×12 Patrick Hogan
Steve Rasmussen 22.5×10.5 Milan Krainchich
Ron Brown 22×11 Jonathan Murray
Bob Rasmussen 22×10 Milan Krainchich

First place: 3 night 2 day stay for 2 people

Second place: Sage METHOD fly rod

Third place: RIO fly line