tsimane lodge

Tsimane Lodge and its three unique programs are located in the heart of Bolivia. This fishing destination is the ultimate off the grid experience, combining an incredibly unique and wild fishery in a pristine Amazon environment. Tsimane Lodge works hand inhand with the indigenous culture on each of its expeditions into the jungle. Each of the three fishing programs offers unparalled access to Golden Dorado. On this epic trip you can expect to wade clear freestone rivers and site cast to giant Golden Dorado. Fishing Specifics/ Target Species:Tsimane is the most well known jungle experience for giant golden dorado in the world. Along with golden dorado you can expect to have chances at Pacu. If a Golden Dorado are best described as fresh water tarpon andthe ultimate game fish, the Pacu is best described as a Permit. Fishing tactics will vary depending on which of the three programs of choice.

Golden Dorado are a migratory fish that run upstream to Tsimane’s waters to spawn in April and then run back downstream by December. Dorado follow schools of sabalo (baitfish making up 60% of the river biomass) up the river system. May to October is the dry season in the Amazon which creates stable water conditions as well as crystal clear water in the freestone rivers. Often times feeding frenzies can occur when giant schools of Golden Dorado push baitfish together and feast on them. 

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