New Brochure Features Painting of Randy Berry

Painting of Randy Berry

This likeness of my Dad is fantastic.  It obviously brings up all kinds of emotions each time I look at it.  Dan Burr, whom we have written about before and who used to guide at Teton Valley Lodge, has a new painting of Randy.  Dan has really captured Randy in this painting.  I think all who knew Randy will be able to look at the brochure and the painting and remember all the special times they were able to spend with him.

Dr. Ed Isbey commissioned Dan to paint this likeness of Randy.  Ed has been accepting donations for the price of the painting from current guests of Teton Valley Lodge.  The painting will hang here in the main lodge. If you wish to donate, please contact us at 800-455-1182.

The brochure is printing today and will be mailing soon.

We are grateful to Dan, Ed and all those who have made contributions to this artwork.

teton valley lodge brochure 2012