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Cook Yourself a Hot Lunch on the River This Winter

cook-a-hot-lunch-winterWe have always fished in the winter. Heck, we are guiding every day in the summer. When are we supposed to fish?

I remember the day I decided to change what we eat on the river during winter. A cold sandwich just wasn’t cutting it.

One winter we wanted to fish but it was just too dang cold in Idaho. My dad and I decided we would take a weekend trip to Montana. Teton Valley is pretty close to Montana. So we left early one morning and drove to Craig Montana. We wanted to fish streamers on the Missouri River. Idaho is usually colder than the parts of Montana we fish in the winter. Trying to escape the cold, we found it was pretty damn cold in Montana too.

The river at Craig had floating ice.

Have you ever fished a river with floating ice? How about some advice? Don’t do it. It sucks. First off, its absolutely bitter outside. Think fingerless gloves. Ouch! Then try casting your line and streamer over, under and through floating ice. Yeah. It sucks.

Making a short day of it at Craig, we called up to Livingston to find out how the Yellowstone was fishing. “Any floating ice?” we asked.

“No, it’s been fishing well”, was the reply.

That was it we packed up the gear and drove over Bozeman for the night and then on to the Yellowstone the next day.

What do think we found? Yep, more freaking floating ice.

We had been so cold on the Missouri we decided cold sandwiches just weren’t going to cut it. We bought some cans of soup for a lunch on the river.

Have you ever been to Livingston Montana? Do you know they have some sort of wind festival there? Yeah, it gets windy. So we had floating ice and the wind was brutal. Considering the conditions we took and early lunch. In the wind. In the bitter cold. Then we put our cans of soup in the fire. Yeah, it worked but it wasn’t the best.

Ironically I had been looking at JetBoil cookers the day before we left. However, there were none to be found in Driggs. Well, let me tell you I don’t go fishing in the winter without my JetBoil. Why you ask?

  • You can cook your soup in just minutes
  • You can cook in the boat
  • No burned hot soup can to hold
  • Packs up small and light
  • Cook soup, or like Brian above, you can fry a HotPocket

If you are planning on fishing the winter months anywhere other than Florida or Mexico, get a JetBoil. You won’t regret it.