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Do You Carry a Spare Rod?

Broken Sage RodA few years ago while staying at my in-laws, I really needed to get out and do some fishing.  I ended up driving two hours to a spot I wanted to fish.  Excited, I quickly rigged up and threw on my backpack and proceeded to hike about a mile to a secluded spot on the river.  After fishing about 30 minutes I figured out the magic fly and hooked up on a very nice cutthroat for the river I was fishing.  While landing the fish, my rod broke in half.

Of course, I had always been taught to keep an extra rod while fishing.  Of course, I did not follow that rule and was left without a rod.  So, after traveling two hours and hiking a mile, I headed back home to my in-laws, disgusted with myself.

I never break the rule of having an extra rod now, I can tell you.

Don’t have a spare rod but know you need one?  Just want a new rod for the summer?  Right now you can buy a used Sage Z-Axis 690-4 or 691-4 from us for $370 with free UPS shipping.  We also have one TCR 690-4 for sale.  Act now, quantities limited. You can never have enough fly fishing rods.

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