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Should I Take My Family Fly Fishing?

take your family fly fishing

This is a question we get all the time. I guess sometimes the perception is that only old guys can go fly fishing. Heck yes, you can bring your family fly fishing to the lodge! We have children that love to fly fish. The ladies in our lives love to fly fish too. Really there is nothing better to do as a family together. You will be in a cabin together, eat meals together and fish together every day. We recently figured out that kids would rather spend time with you than get stuff from you (we have always been a bit slow).

Take your family fly fishing

Kids won’t remember what you gave them for their birthday or what they got for Christmas as much as they will remember spending time with you out on the river. Do yourself and your family a favor and take them fly fishing.

But what do I pack?

You could say I am neurotic about packing for trips. I will start weeks in advance. I used to WAY overpack for my trips. Now I love the challenge of packing everything I need in just my carry-on. My family recently went to Hawaii for a week. All six of us packed all we needed in our carry-on luggage.

I made up a packing list to give you some ideas. For example, you don’t need waders. Just fill out the form and I will send it your way.

Packing List

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