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Fish Baseball

fish baseball

So what happens when you want to go fishing together with a couple of your buddies?  Do you end up rowing the whole day?  Try Fish Baseball.  This is not quite as gruesome as Bunny Baseball made famous in Mud Lake Idaho in 1981.  However, both make perfect sense.
The rules are simple.  Either fishermen, the front of boat or back, each get three fish or two strikes.  Then they rotate to the rowing seat.  It is very simple and fun.  It keeps you on your toes.  No one wants to miss two fish rather than catch three.  The competition takes place when both fishermen have two fish on their tally.  The race is on to get the third fish.  If you get it first, you only have a short while to wait for the other guy to catch his one fish to make three.

Give it a try.

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