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Fishing On Thanksgiving

It has been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember to go fishing the day before and after Thanksgiving. The holiday its self is reserved for turkey and football like most families, but the rest of the break is for catching fish. I was included in this tradition upon the age of 12. I remember that first winter fishing trip. We went to the Madison River and fished around Slide Inn and 3 Dollar Bridge. The snow was flying and the water was swift. Weighing only about 60 lbs and I had to hold on to my Dad’s arm to keep from floating away. I loved every minuet of it. And every year since I have been along with my brothers and my Dad. It is something we all look forward to. I can’t wait for Christmas, when we do the same thing!

[flv:/Videos/report-thanksgiving.flv 480 368]

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