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Fishing Report for March 18th 2009

With the great spring weather that has invaded our region we were once again coaxed out to hit the river. Temperatures are only in the mid 40’s but after months of below zero nights and snowy days it feels like summer is just around the corner.

Spring time is the most over looked part of the fishing season. Traditionally anglers think of the fall as the best streamer time of the year. The truth is that spring is every bit as good or better than the fall. The fish are hungry after a long winter of slim food. Once the water starts to warm up a bit and winter loosens its grip the trout start to move out of their winter homes and get back into their summer runs. This is the perfect time to strip streamers. Randy and Brian started fishing this day at 12:00 and finished up at 7:30. They landed 70 fish between them, all on streamers.

Though the boys were fishing only streamers there were hundreds of feeding fish found from one end of the float to the other. The warm temps had the midges hatching like crazy. Most of them were in the 20 to 22 size and the fish were really on them. As is shown in this video report, the South Fork is fishing as good as it gets right now. So get out on the river and catch ’em up.


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