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Fly fishing the South Fork – November 23 2007

Fishing the day after Thanksgiving has been our tradition for nearly 20 years. This year we decided to float from Conant to our private access. This float, as many know, takes you throught the upper canyon sections of the South Fork. Displaying many of the more scenic views on the river, this also has the highest cutthroat populations on the river.Temperatures were in the teens for most of the day despite the bright sun. Shade began to hit most of the river around 2 pm due to the canyon walls. Fishing prior was decidedly better in the shade.

Fishing streamers is our preffered method for winter fishing. This technique is more enjoyable and many times more effective than nymphing. Even rising trout can be taken on streamers in the winter months.

We did see many fish rising to midges despite the cold temps. We continued to throw streamers to these fish. Nearly every feeder took the streamer.

Fishing was decent on the day. We ended up with nearly 35 fish for one fisherman for the day.

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