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Got a request? We’ll do our best getting you into the trout.

choose your stretch

Many of you make requests to fly fish on certain stretches of the river. Do we listen?

With nearly 50 different stretch combinations available, you’ve got plenty of choices. I’ve grown up here and fished most of the rivers nearly all my life. I still don’t know it all. I never will.

Want to know something? I’ve never fished the Jackson Hole side of the Snake. Surprised? Well, the Idaho side fishes so much better for most of the year, I’ve just never taken the time to fish the Wyoming side. There’s no disputing it’s beauty though. Pretty awesome views.

You can disagree with me on that one if you want. But you won’t convince me.

I’m guessing if you are going out on the river with us, it’s because you want help and you want to have fun. We do this for a living and we do it for fun. We do our best to send you where the fishing is hot. We don’t want to fish junk either.

Are we always right? No. Do we try our best? Yes. We’re pretty good at what we do.

We do take requests for river stretches.

If you want to fish a section, we will do our best to get you there. We can’t make every request happen. Most of the time there isn’t an issue and we can meet your wants.

Sometimes other people have requested before you. Other times the section you want just isn’t fishing that good. In these situations, if you still want to go no matter what, we can take you down that part of the river.

I’ll tell you that lodging guests get preference over day trips. The best way to get your request is staying at the lodge and fish more than one day. This gives us time to get you into the stretch of river you want.

There really is so much water around us.

Truly, we are blessed to live in such an awesome spot for fly fishing. Are you ready to hit the river? You don’t have to choose us, but we’d love to have you.

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