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Grizzly Bears in Idaho are Waking Up, Emerging from Dens

Grizzly Bear
Reports of grizzly bears emerging from their dens are old news in much of the Yellowstone Ecosystem, but it appears that grizzly bears in the Island Park area of Idaho are finally on the move.

According to Regional Wildlife Manager Curtis Hendricks, “Our most recent flights finally showed our radio-collared grizzlies leaving their den sites.”

Both black and grizzly bears originally called the Upper Snake Region home. Today, black bears are still common in many locations. Their cousins the Grizzlies are re-colonizing many places once inhabited by their ancestors. People hunting, camping or living in bear country could open themselves up to injury or could lead to a bear needing to be put down.

Black and grizzly bears can both be found in much of the Upper Snake Region of Idaho

Generally its the male of both species that comes out first. Females with cubs den separately from the males and emerge after the males have had a chance to feed on winter-killed deer and elk. Because of this focus by bears to regain lost fat reserves, everyone heading out to bear country should keep their eyes open.

Idaho Fish & Game has developed a bear identification website to help hunters or anyone who ventures out into the woods on how to tell the difference between a black and grizzly bear at http://tinyurl.com/IDBEARID.

A study by a Brigham Young University Professor showed that while firearms in the hands of experts could be effective in stopping bears, the use of bear spray is still overall the best tool to deter an active assault. To learn more about living safely in bear country visit www.igbconline.org.

Original article found at Idaho Fish and Game website.


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