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Guide Profile: Patrick Hogan

TVL Guide Profiles
At Teton Valley Lodge we pride ourselves on having excellent guides who are experts on our local waters. All of our guides are dedicated to the cause of helping you catch more fish! Passionate fly fishing gurus, they are here to give you the best possible experience. Our guide profile series gives background information on our team, and begins with Lead Guide Patrick Hogan.
Our Lead Guide
Pat is an experienced angler, a husband and a father. When he isn’t guiding he’s better known as Mr. Hogan at our local Middle School. He also coaches girls basketball and their team is darn good! Known for big wins across the state, these girls are a force to be reckoned with under the direction of “Mr. Hogan.”
Patrick Hogan
Years Guiding:
23 years
Years Guiding at TVL:
22 at TVL and 1 year in Alaska
Lewiston, Idaho
What brought you to Teton Valley?
Guiding and then I stayed and worked as a ski bum for 7 or 8 years.
Favorite Sports Team?
Seattle Seahawks, Duh? Teton Wolfpack and the Teton Cutties hockey team
Favorite go-to fly:
Fly Formerly Known As (aka a Prince Nymph)
What’s a memorable fish story you want to share?
Taking bets with all the guides that I would be the first one back to the lodge one day. Dave Max got 2 flat tires one on the way to the river and one home, I passed him for the win.
Job when you aren’t guiding?
Social Studies teacher, Masters student, Girls Basketball Coach
Pat with his team of ballers
When you do get a day off, what is your favorite activity in Teton Valley?
Hiking Teton pass with 2 feet of POW.
What do you love about guiding?
The whole experience but I love watching fish eat dry flies.
Best tip for first time fly fishers?
Fish do not care about a good cast..  MEND
Best tip for old time fly fishers?
Practice your cast before coming.  Just enjoy the experience. It’s always better yesterday and tomorrow so enjoy the now.
In your opinion, what is the most scenic stretch you guide on?
Lower Narrows, just really cool to have your own private Idaho. I really enjoy the water there as well, fun little spots to hit.
What’s your gotta have with you item when you go fishing?
Tough question probably my dog, cold beer, and dry flies

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