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Guide Profile: Russ Morris

TVL Guide Profiles

Excellent days on the water begin with excellent guides. All of our guides at Teton Valley Lodge are dedicated to the cause of helping you catch more fish! Our guide profile series gives background information on our team, and continues with Guide Russ Morris.  

Tennessee Russ

Brought to Teton Valley by the promise of trout, Russ definitely found what he was looking for and then some. A hockey playing, fly fishing Tennessee guy, Russ is a fishing fanatic.


Russ Morris

Years Guiding:

2 years


Nashville, Tennessee 

What brought you to Teton Valley?

It is no secret, it is trout paradise.  

Favorite Sports Team?

Nashville Predators   

Favorite go-to fly:

Parachute Adams

What’s a memorable fish story you want to share?

Far too many to pick from, but anytime you watch someone who’s never caught a fish on a fly rod do so, it is always memorable.

When you do get a day off, what is your favorite activity in Teton Valley?

Next question, fishing. Obviously.     

What do you love about guiding?

How rewarding it is to watch people learn more about fly fishing.

Best tip for first time fly fishers?

If you can listen you’re going to catch fish, we are here to help you there’s nothing to worry about.

In your opinion, what is the most scenic stretch you guide on?

Without a doubt Middle Narrows.    

Where else in the world do enjoy to fish?

The Bahamas is my favorite place, they have voluptuous permit there. It is my obsession besides trout at the moment.