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How To Hold Trout For Photos

We all want photos of our fly fishing adventures. But how do you hold trout for photos? Getting that great shot of your trout can be tricky.

how to hold trout for photos

There’s the traditional “grip and grin” style photo. Hey, these are classic for a reason. Easy to hold and shoot. Surprising though how many times holding a trout for photos gets screwed up. Hand placement is key. Don’t cover the fish with your hands. Also, notice this guy isn’t extending his arms all the way out. Just a nice bend. He is also holding the trout a good distance between his face and his waist, or the bottom of the photo.

holding trout in water

Here is a nice little twist to the “grip and grin”. See how she has turned her body toward the trout and is looking down at it? Very nice. Just changing up the traditional a little bit makes a big difference. She is also holding the trout lower and near the water for a nice shot. She is also using very little hand to hold the fish. You get a good shot of the tail that way.

extending arms toward camera

In this shot, he could have gone with the traditional style but moved the head of the trout toward the camera. See how he is keeping the tail back in the traditional position? Just moving the head forward make a dramatic change in the photo. Again, he is also using his hand placement well too. Not hiding the tout. Perfect distance between his face and the bottom of the photo.

photo of just the fish

I love these shots. Just get your mug out of the picture for a totally different feel. This is great too because the trout is in the water. Good place for a trout to be, eh? Take note of how his hand by the tail is just supporting every so slightly. This gets the whole trout in the photo. Very nice.

underwater action picture

Underwater trout photos almost always look awesome. Get creative.

Taking some time before you go fishing to think about your photos will help a ton.

You could do every one of these photos with the same trout. Just be quick about it and make sure your trout gets time in the water between each shot.

Once you are on the water have your phone or camera ready. Take a deep breath, relax and get some great shots.

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