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Idaho Fish and Game Teton River Electrofishing Report 2009

The following teton river fishing reports are from the two sections of river directly below the Lodge.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game surveyed reaches of the Teton River during the fall of 2009. Although preliminary and subject to change, the results from these surveys are shown below. The following figures summarize trout abundance and composition at the Nickerson, Rainier, monitoring reaches on the the Teton River as well as prior estimates in the same reaches.

Nickerson Reach- In 2009, all trout species increased in abundance at the Nickerson monitoring reach on the Teton River with statistically significant increases observed for Yellowstone cutthroat trout and rainbow trout over 2007 estimates. The 2009 estimate of brook trout abundance was higher than in 2007, but wide confidence bounds around estimates from both years make determining a statistical difference impossible. Yellowstone cutthroat trout are showing a welcome increase in abundance in this reach and are currently at their highest abundance since the mid-1990’s. Further, densities of all trout combined are at their highest level recorded since sampling first begain in 1987.

Rainier Reach- Electrofishing surveys were last conducted in the Rainier Reach in 2000. Since this last survey, there have been changes in trout populations riverwide, as well as habitat changes within the Rainier Reach itself. Both of these factors have the ability to influence trout abundance. Between 2000 and 2009, there was a significant increase in rainbow trout abundance while Yellowstone cutthroat trout abundance increased slightly. We were unable to estimate brook trout abundance due to low numbers of recaptured marked fish. Overall trout densities are high, relative to prior samples.

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