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Idaho Winter & Spring Fly Fishing: January – April

Looking to come fly fishing in Teton Valley, Idaho? Our world-class fisheries offer incredible access to trout fishing all year round. In this series of posts we break down what the fishing is like here in various times of year. What’s the fishing like in Teton Valley in January, February, March, and April? Read more about Idaho Winter and Spring Fly Fishing here.

Teton Valley Idaho Winter Fly Fishing
TVL Guide Milan with a big January Brown

January – March

Winter is pretty cold and snowy around Teton Valley. Idaho winter fly fishing is only for the die-hards. Streamers are our favorite way to target fish this time of year. Nymphing can be productive as well. The Teton is mostly frozen over and unfishable along with the upper Henry’s Fork. Below Ashton and the South Fork are usually the best options.

Teton Valley Idaho Spring Fly Fishing South Fork
March on the South Fork


Winter lets go of her grasp in April. There is still plenty of snow in the hills and even some in the valley, but the days are longer and the feeling of spring is in the air. Spring fly fishing is full of excitement. Sandhill cranes and song birds start to show up and the fishing gets good!

Teton Valley Idaho Spring Fly Fishing
Spring on the South Fork

The South Fork will start to have an increase in flows which gets bugs and the fish moving. Worms, Stonefly Nymphs and lots of other insects are on the menu. The fish are hungry and ready for winter to be over. Streamers are also very productive this time of year. I would dare say that spring streamer fishing is better than fall streamer fishing. Which is contrary to the common belief. The water can be a bit off color at times which is actually to the benefit of the angler. I love this time of year on the South Fork. 

Teton Valley Idaho Spring Fly Fishing Henrys Fork
April on the Henry’s Fork

On the Henry’s Fork, the fishing gets hot as well. The water is clear and the fish are hungry. The upper river is still inaccessible but below Ashton the fishing gets hot. Blue Wing Olives will start popping in huge numbers and the fish absolutely love them. It is the first really good dry fly fishing of the year. Caddis are also very strong during April. On days you can see clouds of caddis nymphs floating past in the water. The fish gorge on these bugs. And again streamers can be very effective.

Teton Valley Lodge Fishing by Season

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