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Idaho Fly Fishing: May & June

Ready to do some fly fishing in Teton Valley, Idaho? Our rivers offer incredible access to trout fishing all year round. In this series of posts, check out what the fishing is like here at various times. This post breaks down Teton Valley Fly Fishing in May and June.

May Idaho Fly Fishing
May on the Henry’s Fork


This is an exciting month. Everything that was happening in April is still going on, only better. More hatches and more water and more good fishing. Worms and Rubber legs on the South Fork are off the Charts. There are some seriously big browns that can be caught this time of year. And relatively zero pressure on the river. It’s awesome. 

On the Henrys Fork the same, with the added bonus of Mothers Day Caddis. This hatch can be huge. Clouds of caddis fill the air and cover the water. Fish will be actively feeding on these bugs as they bounce on the water and entice aggressive dry fly takes. It is super fun. This happens in the begging of May and lasts through the middle of the month. 

Mid May the Stone Flys start really moving on the Henrys. Big #4 and #6 rubber leg stone fly nymphs are top of the menu for every fish in the river for the next couple weeks. 10’s of thousands of these huge insects will be crawling from the middle of the river toward the banks exposing themselves and making them vulnerable to attack from the big browns we all want to catch. This is BIG FISH TIME! Dont miss it! 

May Idaho Fly Fishing Salmon Flies
Henry’s Fork Salmon Flies

Memorial Day weekend is typically the start of the Salmon Fly Hatch. This is one of the most exciting events in the world of Fly Fishing, period. Big Bugs, Big Fish, Big Takes, Big Smiles. The stuff dreams are made of. No Joke.

June Idaho Fly Fishing
June Fly Fishing in Idaho


Now we are into summer from our perspective. Things happen fast and don’t stop for the next few months. 

Salmon Flies and Golden Stones take over the Henry’s Fork the first two weeks of June. The South Fork increases in flows and the worm hatch is fire for big browns. 

Mid-June brings out the PMD’s and Green Drakes on the Henry’s Fork. The past three years this period has produced the best fishing I have ever seen on the Henry’s Fork. Massive Green Drake and other mayfly hatches that don’t stop. The very best of the best. 

June Idaho Fly Fishing
June on the South Fork

The South Fork and Teton flows increase through out  June which continues to make the water warmer and get the fish moving. Worms and streamers are the name of the game and man is it fun. 

By the last week in June things change on the Teton and South Fork. The clarity improves and bugs start moving more. Fish take up their summer holding spots and all of a sudden the action starts. Yellow Sallies and PMDs make the first emergence followed shortly by Salmon Flies and big Golden Stones.

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