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Idaho Fly Fishing Rivers

We get it. You crave a life-altering, completely over the top fishing trip. Our Idaho fly fishing rivers offer all of this and more. Are you ready?

South Fork

South Fork

Fish 5 sections of this great river in Idaho from Palisades dam to the confluence of the Henry’s Fork. Each stretch of the river has its own unique personality. Browns dominate the lower sections, while cutthroat and rainbow are predominantly found in the other sections of the river.

Teton River

Teton River

On the upper stretches of the meadow and willow-lined Teton River in Idaho, one becomes entranced by all the beauty it offers. Many different wildlife from swans to moose call the river home. The canyon sections of the Teton river hold three different floats. These are not to be missed.

Henry's Fork

Each year, the ‘Fork’ in Idaho is the first major river in the region to clear up from run-off. Each year the ‘Fork’ also produces the largest trophy rainbows on dry flies. The world’s heaviest hatch of giant salmon flies comes off in late May on this river. This is the perfect time to catch monster trout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the rivers?

All the rivers are in southeast Idaho.

Should I bring waders?

No. You don’t need waders. The guide can maneuver the boat to any position. Sandals or shoes and wet wading pants or shorts are perfect.

What types of trout will we catch?

Not all the rivers are the same. However, we have brown trout, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, hybrids, and brook trout.

Are there bathrooms?

Most of the boat ramps have a bathroom. After that, you are on your own.

Are there drinks on the boat?

We stock each cooler with beer, soda, and water.

Will we fish the same water each day?

We are blessed to have over 100 miles of river. You will fish different water. Are we with the same guide?We feel it is important to fish with a different guide every day.

What size rod should I bring?

We suggest you bring a 6 weight rod.

Are you a licensed outfitter in Idaho?

Yes, we have been guiding Idaho river trips for nearly 100 years and are licensed by the State of Idaho.