South Fork of the Snake River

Catch what you've been missing.

If you could only fish one river the rest of your life, the South Fork of the Snake would be the river to select. With over 60 miles of water, there is, without fail, trout feeding everywhere. Among thirteen different access points, there is no problem getting to the fish. Miles of water equals an abundance of trout. The South Fork of the Snake boasts over 5,000 fish per mile! From Palisades Dam to Lorenzo Idaho, this stream is full of fins and tails. Browns, rainbows, and cutthroat are found throughout. These fish regularly average a length of 15 inches and 20 inches are not uncommon. The largest fish caught fly fishing on this river was 22 lbs! The 22-pound monster hybrid was caught by our head guide, Tom Fenger.

Large River, Lots of Water

With over 60 miles of river to float and average flows of 10,000 CFS, there is plenty of room to fish. This is the Snake River that flows through Jackson Hole Wyoming. In Idaho, we call it the South Fork. TVL floats 6 different sections of the South Fork of the Snake River with one private access.

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Big Trout

There are truly big fish on the South Fork. A good average fish is 16 inches, but fish over 20 inches are common. The biggest in 09 was 29 inches and the biggest in our memory was caught by Head Guide Tom Fenger and weighed in at 22 pounds! Browns, Rainbows, and Cutthroat.

Beautiful River Sections

This is an exciting river everywhere you look there is a great spot to place a cast. Log jams, riffles, side channels, backwaters, undercut banks and more. You name it, the South Fork has it. This is a fun river to fish. And the scenery is breathtaking as well. Join us. It will be fly fishing time well spent.

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Catch What You've Been Missing