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South Fork Snake River

South Fork Snake River Fly Fishing

If you could only fish one river the rest of your life, the South Fork of the Snake would be the river to select. With over 60 miles of water, there is, without fail, trout feeding everywhere. Among thirteen different access points, there is no problem getting to the fish. Miles of water equals an abundance of trout. The South Fork of the Snake boasts over 5,000 fish per mile! From Palisades Dam to Lorenzo Idaho, this stream is full of fins and tails. Browns, rainbows, and cutthroat are found throughout. These fish regularly average a length of 15 inches and 20 inches are not uncommon. The largest fish caught fly fishing on this river was 22 lbs! The 22-pound monster hybrid was caught by our head guide, Tom Fenger.

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We get it. We know how you feel.

You crave a life-altering, completely over the top experience of beautiful scenery filled with tons of wild trout. Well, guess what? You are in luck. The South Fork Snake River is insanely gorgeous with enough trout to fill any fly fisherman’s net.

You will have your choice of over 60 miles of far-out, rod-bending thrilling water brimming with cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout.

How would you describe 5000 trout per mile? Chock-full, packed, loaded, stuffed, jammed? Let’s just say it has more trout than you can shake a fly rod at.

Want big trout too? Did we mention the biggest trout caught on a fly rod at the lodge was 31.5 x 22 inches? Sure, you may not catch one that big, but they are out there, salivating for that big dry fly at the end of your line.

The South Fork Snake River fishing is all about the dry fly.

South Fork fly fishing really gets going at the end of June when huge salmon fly and golden stone hatches break out on the river. These hatches move up the stream and last until late July. The next major hatch is the PMD hatch which starts out around the 4th of July and runs through the month of August.

August, of course, means hoppers. Grasshoppers are out in strength throughout the month of September. Then at the end of September the Blue Wing Olive hatch comes out in force.

Long story short, from the time we start to guide the South Fork to the end of the season, there is not a day that dry flies are not hatching or a day that fish are not eating them.

South Fork of the Snake Trout Per Mile

Total Trout Per Mile

Ten-year average. Source IDFG.

Wild Trout. Not Stocked.

Large River With Lots of Water

With over 60 miles of river to float and average flows of 10,000 CFS, there is plenty of room to fish. This is the Snake River that flows through Jackson Hole Wyoming. In Idaho, we call it the South Fork. TVL floats 6 different sections of the South Fork of the Snake River with one private access.

The South Fork Has Big Trout

There are truly big fish on the South Fork. A good average fish is 16 inches, but fish over 20 inches are common. The biggest in 09 was 29 inches and the biggest in our memory was caught by Head Guide Tom Fenger and weighed in at 22 pounds! Browns, Rainbows, and Cutthroat.

Beautiful River Sections

This is an exciting river everywhere you look there is a great spot to place a cast. Log jams, riffles, side channels, backwaters, undercut banks and more. You name it, the South Fork has it. This is a fun river to fish. And the scenery is breathtaking as well. Join us. It will be fly fishing time well spent.

Browns now dominate the lower 30 miles of the South Fork of the Snake River

If you love browns like we do, try the lower section of the South Fork. This is the finest dry fly fishing river in the West. No other river is consistently as good day after day, all season long. From the third week in June with the monstrous Salmon Fly Hatch to the Chernobyl Ant Hatch that lasts into the middle of October, we enjoy fantastic dry fly fishing every day. Our definition of a great dry fly river is every time you look up there is a great place to cast a dry fly. This defines the South Fork, and it’s exciting water. If you have never fished this river, you have not fished “The Best in the West”. Fishing Idaho and the Snake River is on most anglers bucket list. Once you have, you will wonder why you did not book a fishing trip to Teton Valley Lodge sooner.

South Fork of the Snake River water management is very good

The river flows out of Palisades Dam. It has a pretty consistent flow rate all season. South Fork Snake River water management is very good. The upper stretch is a long straight section with a good salmon fly and PMD hatch. As the water reaches the lower stretches of this float, the water breaks up into channels with lots of wading. For the next 50 miles, the river is braided and gets more channels as it travels west through the secluded canyons toward Idaho Falls. The flows are heavy on the South Fork usually running 8,000-12,000 cfs. You will find the current USGS data in a graph near the bottom of this page. This is not your typical wading river. This is a major water resource for all of Idaho. Access is limited since roads do not follow the river and there is a lot of private property in the upper section. So, almost everyone floats the river to gain access to great bank fishing and to the hundreds of riffles.

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