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Idaho Fly Fishing: September, October & November

Planning a trip to Teton Valley, Idaho? When is the best time to come here for fly fishing? In this series of posts we break down the fishing seasons here in the Tetons. How is the fly fishing at Teton Valley Lodge in September, October, and November? Read about it here.

September Fly Fishing on the South Fork
September Fly Fishing on the South Fork


Hoppers continue as well as the mutant Goldens. More fall may fly hatches show up on all the rivers including tricos, mahogany, calibeitis, baetis. Grey drakes get everyone excited on the Teton River. This hatch is magical and should not be missed by any lover of dry flies. Streamers get back in the action and produce some very big healthy fish during september. 

Blue Wings will become very important as the month rolls along, especially if we get a little cool or wet weather. If you see clouds and precipitation on the radar it is on. The crowds on the rivers fade away as kids go back to school and summer comes to an end.

Experience September Fly Fishing in this episode preview from The New Fly Fisher

October fly fishing on the South Fork
Changing Leaves on the South Fork


With relatively zero pressure on the rivers and still very nice weather, this is an amazing time to explore our area. The fishing is fantastic, the colors of the hillside is beautiful and you have it almost all to yourself. 

All three rivers fish well throughout October. Hoppers are still out and strong in the early part of the month. Grey drakes and Blue Wings get the addition of October Caddis for dry fly action and streamers are strong producers for angry brown trout. We absolutely love October.

Experience October Fly Fishing in this oldie but a goodie fall video.

Fantastic Fall Fly Fishing

November Fly Fishing
November Fly Fishing in the Tetons


More of a hardcore month than October for sure, The weather can turn for the worse but the fish don’t care. Dry Flies are done for all intestine purposes. This is the time for meat. Big ugly streamers and getting after some big fish. Not for the faint of heart. This is chuck and duck and hunting for some big boys. You up for it?

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