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Illicit Streamer Sales Are on the Rise

streamer junkie

Underworld streamer dealers are turning peaceful dry fly towns into hotbeds of streamer activity. It’s not getting any better. Streamer pushers like 7-WT have been dealing since they were 10 years old. These addicts start out with one or two streamers a day, turning into 30 to 40 bucks a day. It’s really sad. At the local fly shops, the impact of underground streamer sales is making its impact.

Pushers like 7-WT are tying streamers 24 hours a day.

Flies like the Water Moccasin keep the streamer junkies coming back for more. 7-WT is in this game to make as much money as fast as he can. “They are all after my flash,” says 7-WT. “I want all these cats out here fishing my streamers. Once you start catching fish on these, you ain’t going back.”

Totally black market streamers can hide in retail fly boxes at common drop sites. The bite is starting to kick in and the streamer junkie will stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t get caught in the middle of shady streamer deal.

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