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June 10th Fishing Report


Fishing here in Eastern Idaho is outstanding. Despite some crazy weather changes in the past two weeks the fishing has lived up to Salmon Fly hatch expectations. At the end of May temperatures were in the 80’s and this past week has brought lots of rain and even a June snow storm. Through out it all the fish have been looking up on the Henry’s Fork. As of today the big orange Salmon Flies are mostly gone, but the Golden Stones are still emerging and fish continue to feed on the big dries. We have started using a few nymph droppers in the past few days as the temperatures have not been conducive for bugs to fly. This tactic proved exceptionally productive yesterday though the cardiac canyon producing a high number of fish.
Meanwhile over on the South Fork the fishing is very good as well. Over the week end the cold temperatures and snow had us thinking twice about driving up to Island Park so we headed over to Swan Valley and found great success on the South Fork. Fish are not looking up on the South Fork but they are eating. Feeding on stone fly nymphs, caddis nymphs, and others, the fish are there for the taking. The river is in great shape and Palisades Reservoir is filling fast with plenty of water for the rest of the summer.
These two photos were taking in successive days, one on the Henry’s and the other on the South Fork. We are so lucky to fish in a place with so many opportunities for world class fishing. It is truly found in every direction.

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