3733 Adams Rd Driggs, Idaho 83422

Keep it Simple

Gadgets and gizmos are part of fly fishing. Everyone likes great gear. I love the Outside Gear of the Year Issue. I make sure to read everyone and drool over the next great thing. If I am honest, I like gadgets way too much. One place I have trimmed back on though, is my clippers.

Here is fishpond’s version of the clipper. Pretty cool looking. They even come in different colors. They are not new to the landscape, however, I had not had a pair until recently. These babies are pricey, selling for $20 with replaceable teeth and a cool design. You think that for $20 you could use them on all kinds of tippet. Not so. Try to cut the improved clinch with 2x off your fly. Not gonna happen.

Now take this little beauty I bought at Corner Drug in Driggs. It was all of .79. Even if it wears out after one season, I can buy one a year for the next two decades. Hey, I can even do some personal maintenance on the river. Bonus.

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