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Man Was Meant To Fly

man was meant to fly*** Danger! Only use the Power Fly if handling a rocket engine doesn’t frighten you.  This fly line will turn your fast action fly rod into a rocket launching, trout hunting, laser-guided weapon. ***

Fly Line or Rocket Ship, You Decide

I like fast, stiff, quick rods.  When Sage introduced the RPL it was a game changer.  Then Sage came out with the SP+.  For years this rod was the fastest thing on the market for freshwater. Years went by and we kept wanting Sage to introduce something new because they had stopped production of the SP+.  Finally, the TCX was produced.  We had a new toy, one we had hoped for.  The TCX fit the bill and became our new favorite rod along with the SP+.

RIO Power Fly line

RIO Power Fly line

We used to up-size our rods one size.  So an SP+ with a seven weight back in the day was a great combo. RIO has designed a fly line to work with rods like the SP+ and TCX.  The Power Fly line by RIO will immediately feel different to you.  Even before you cast the fly line you will feel the difference in thickness just by touching and holding the fly line in your hand.  The Power Fly is designed to be larger sized in weight class than comparable other lines of the same weight. Casting Chernobyl ants, no sweat.  Throwing heavy nymph rigs, bring it on.

Fly Line Review

I used both the Gold and the Power Fly on a recent fly fishing trip equally.  Fishing streamers exclusively for three days I noticed a difference in the lines.  The RIO Gold will throw streamers just fine. The Power Fly will throw them with less effort, and it will throw them farther.  If you need to get somewhere quick, the Power Fly will get it there fast on a TCX rod.  Your streamer will get there quicker than with the Gold.  Both of these lines are great,  but the Power Fly is designed for the fast rod and the heavy fly.  My choice on the trip would have been to use the Power Fly and put the Gold on the bench.  It is not for every rod or every fishing condition, however, if you are fishing out west, you are going to want one.  And that really means you need one, doesn’t it? That’s what I tell my wife anyway.

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