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Match Your High Performance Rod with a Great Fly Line

Fishing out west means big water and big fish. Because of these two facts, many fishermen choose to use a stiff model rod like a Sage XP or TCX. Most rod companies make stiff rods for streamer fishing and big water situations. These rods are great. Fast action gives the angler the precise casting that is needed while casting from a drift boat into the pocket water along the banks.

The only problem with these rods is finding a line that meets up to the high-performance demands that come with them. Not all 6 weight rods are created equal. For example, a 6 weight Orvis Helios and a Sage TCX are not even in the same world when it comes to actual weight. If you were to cast the two side by side the Helios would feel like a 4 weight and the TCX like a 7 weight. This poses a real problem when choosing a line for the fast action rod to fish out west.

Rio has solved the problem. The Clouser fly line is made with big flies and wind in mind. The front bullet taper is extra large and makes turning over bulky and wind resistant flies a dream. The extra mass in the taper helps to load up the stiff tips of stiff high-performance rods in ways that conventional lines just can’t.

For your high-performance fly rods, don’t forget to match them with a high-performance line, like the Clouser.

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