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Brian Berry

You’ll get access to my articles that can’t be found anywhere else. They don’t appear on my blog or on social media.

Mark K

I get a lot of newsletters from various companies and organizations (TU, NRA, DU) which I’m very comfortable deleting but yours blended with good info and humor are great. I read every word. I’m glad I get them!!! – Mark K

T Rose

I REALLY love your emails and the fishy contemplations they reliably inspire. A small, quiet reminder of my happier heartbeats. Your posts make me feel a little less “crazy” and remind me of all of the many rad, and wonderful, and deliciously frustrating things I adore and cherish about fly fishing. Please know, I deeply appreciate them.  Thank you. – T Rose

Bill L

These are wonderful thoughts you are putting to words. I admire your subjects and writing. Seems you have a natural communication talent to add to the great fly fishing ability. Keep up the good work. – Bill L

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