3733 Adams Rd Driggs, Idaho 83422

No Parking

Saturday’s fishing wasn’t all that exciting but there was something being fished out of the South Fork worth a photo.  At the time of the photo, the divers and police did not know how the car got into the river.  The bridge overhead was not damaged, which would indicate the car drove off the bridge.

The South Fork water flows have been increased substantially over the past week.  Someone probably parked their car on the gravel bar near the boat ramp and it became stranded when the river levels rose.

Normally this time of year the water level is much lower.  The reservoir is 72% full and there is still much snow to melt.  Raising the river now will make fishing better this summer.

Fishing Saturday was tough.  We caught around 20 trout on streamers.  The rise in water and debris floating in the river made fishing difficult.  It was a wonderful day with warm sunshine and good company.  We all wanted to catch more fish, however it was nice to be out.

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