Patagonia, Argentina


Estancia Laguna Verde is located in the remote part of the Patagonia region and is home to the largest rainbow trout in the world. Estancia Laguna Verde is located on the southern end of Jurassic Lake – also known as Lake Strobel. The season runs from early November through late April. 


Lake Strobel is the most famous still water in the world for catching behemouth sized rainbows. Etanica Laguna Verde has over 14km of accessible water on Lake Strobel where one can expect to site fish to these true monsters. Estancia Laguna Verde also has the only exclusive access to the one tributary of the lake, The Barrancoso River and Estancia Laguna Verde has over 10km of access on the river. On this trip, one can expect to fish with nymphs, streamers, and big dry flies on each of the unique settings.

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