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Railroad Ranch Update

Probably the most famed fly water in all the world belongs to the Henry’s Fork. The Railroad Ranch section is spoken of in reverent tones by most anglers and by all purists. This section of the river has a special opening day as stipulated by the Harriman family that donated the property to the State of Idaho. The 15th of June is marked as a holiday on many a calendar around the area and the world for that matter.

The cooler cloudy weather has helped to produce some excellent hatches of PMD’s as well as Caddis. The big Green Drakes that are so looked forward to have been some what elusive. Reports of small hatches have been reported but nothing consistent has been seen on the flat water to date.

Another positive sign for the river is the number of small and mid sized fish that have been feeding. With all of the snow we have had the past to winters, the State has been able to run the river at a good winter flow which has helped increase the fish counts on the entire river but especially on the Ranch.

If you have never fished this area, put it on your list. Expect challenging sight fishing. There are always several disappointments with lost fish, picky fish and tough conditions, but along with the risks comes great rewards. There are truly huge beautiful rainbows in these waters, and every one that lands can’t help but feel a great amount of appreciation for the experience.

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