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How to Remove a Fish Hook From Your Hand

remove a fish hook from your flesh

You must know how to remove a fish hook from your hand if you fish. You will get stuck with a hook at some point. It just happens. You or someone you go fishing with will at some point get a fish hook stuck in their skin somewhere.

As a guide, it happens to us all the time. We stick ourselves, we get stuck, or we see others get stuck. It’s a sticky business. Ok, enough already.

I’ve seen people hooked so many times, it just doesn’t even bother me anymore. I watched my father pierce his ear with a streamer that must have been going well over 100 mph on the Bighorn in Montana. I once removed a fish hook from a man’s eyelid. I’ve taken fish hooks out from under people’s fingernails. Those hurt.

We once had a guy hook himself in the face with a large #4 dry fly. He refused to let the guide take it out. He went to the ER in town. He wouldn’t let them take it out. He decided to keep it in his face for a couple of days. He flew home to LA and had his plastic surgeon take it out. This method to remove a fish hook from your hand is much cheaper than any plastic surgeon.

There has only been one time I’ve been hooked and couldn’t’ use this method. I was guiding, and the guests couldn’t help. The #4 dry fly was stuck under my jawline and buried deep. It was in a very awkward position. I had to push the fish hook through the skin and pinch the barb. Let me tell you, the skin under your jawline is like saddle leather. It’s so darn tough and thick.