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South Fork Salmon Fly Hatch

The salmon flies are out on the South Fork. The bugs came out about a week ago and are slowly making their way up the river. The stoneflies have been delayed in hatching due to the cold water melt from all the snow we had this past winter.

Along with the salmon flies, there are tons of little yellow sally’s and red-tag golden stones. Mayflies are hatching and we also saw a very significant green drake hatch this past two weeks on the South Fork.

We can finally put our strike indicators away after a long spring runoff on the South Fork. We are so tired of using bobbers, we don’t want to see them again. Fishing with indicators or bobbers just isn’t as fun as dry fly fishing. We are very happy to see the big and little bugs all over the river.

Fishing has improved dramatically over the past week too. Just yesterday I had my wife and children (9,7,4) out fishing the South Fork. They landed 44 trout on one of the lower sections of the river. A great day with only one rod fishing and the kids landing them.

Brian was out with Dean and Karen Scheid and they had over 20 double hookups. They landed between 70 and 80 trout on one of the lower sections of the river.

With all the water and the cold temperatures of the river, the South Fork will be fishing fantastic all summer long on dry flies. Goodbye indicators.

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