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Teton River Fishing Report

Teton River Fishing Report

The Idaho Fish and Game has recently published a report of the Teton River from a 2010 study.  The department interviewed fishermen along the river.  These anglers were asked to identify the trout species in the river, their catch rates and what fish were harvested.

Fish identification quizzes on the river’s bank indicated most anglers could identify trout species present in the Teton River. Rainbow trout were most accurately identified with 98% of the anglers correctly identifying them followed by Yellowstone cutthroat trout (94%), brown trout (81%), and brook trout (80%).

Angler catch rates were just shy of one fish per hour and caught an estimated 53,761 fish. The catch was comprised of Yellow-stone cutthroat trout (40%), rainbow trout (22%), brook trout (27%), and mountain whitefish (11%).

Total harvest was low, at 1,183 trout – 98% of captured trout were released.  Although closed to harvest, a small portion of the fish observed in anglers creel was cutthroat trout.  Based on observations, 6% of harvested fish were cutthroat trout, 50% were rainbow trout, and 44% were brook trout.

Anglers spent nearly 57,000 hours fishing the Teton River in 2010. This is light fishing pressure compared to the neighboring South Fork which had over 233,000 angler hours in 2005. Over 80% of anglers were fly fishing, while 11% were bait fishing and 7% were fishing with lures. Anglers were most often fishing from a boat (71% of the anglers) instead of wading or fishing from the bank (29% of anglers), and most Teton River anglers were Idaho residents (60%).

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