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Tie One Up

David Berry age 5 spinning up a new creation
David Berry age 5 spinning up a new creation

You’re never too young to start tying flies and loving fishing! My son watches me tie flies almost every day and often jumps in to try his hand at the craft. I love it.  Tying flies is a great way to stay connected to the sport during the “off-season”.  Not only is it rewarding in its own way, I also believe that tying will make you a better fisherman once the season gets back underway.  Knowing what makes each fly different and what makes them work the way they do is valuable knowledge.

To further others endeavors into the tying arena we will be posting more fly tying videos starting next week. We hope you like them and that they will be helpful in some way to those learning to tie and those wanting to improve their tying skills. Look for them soon. If there is a pattern that you would like to see us tie leave us a comment and we will try to make them happen.

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