Top 3 Giant Stonefly Fly Fishing Patterns

stonefly patternsWith the season fast approaching, I thought we should take a look at three of the best dry stonefly fly fishing patterns.  These bugs are big.  Some stoneflies can be as big as your pinky finger, and throwing these big bugs is great fun.

  1. The Hedgehog is a very durable fly that rides high in the water.  It works great on warmer days when big bugs are hitting the water and fluttering their wings.  You can flare the wing out or slick it in tight to the body with Mucilin.
  2. The Rogue Giant Salmon Fly works great nearly all the time.  The only modification you need to make is to rip off the foam wing.  It makes the fly spin like the rotor of a Blackhawk.
  3. The Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly is a standby pattern when the bugs aren’t very active like on cooler days or near the end of the hatch.

If you are going out fishing during this hatch make sure you have several of each of these patterns in sizes 4 to 8.