Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


Espiritu Santa Bay Lodge is located on the southern most part of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and has been in operation for the last five years.Espiritu Santo is a newly constructed lodge located on the beach overlooking the barrier reef and Caribbean Sea. The Lodge itself is located in the 1.3 million acre Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve established in 1986. Espiritu Bay, unlike Ascension Bay, has extraordinarily little fishing pressure and permits to guide. There are vast differences between the more famous Ascension Bay and Espiritu. Ascension Bay has more than 6,000 people living around the shores whereas Espiritu Bay only has a small lobster community nearby making Espiritu the most pristine flats fishing operation in the Caribbean.

Fishing Specifics/ Target SpeciesEspiritu Bay is a fly-fishing only catch and release lodge targeting Permit, Snook, Tarpon, and Bonefish. In just the first four seasons of operation, Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge has landed over 1,000 permit already. The Lodge uses Hells Bay flats skiffs to access even the most remote flats

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